Mineralproduksjon – et vitenskapelig tidsskrift for bergfagene

Mineralproduksjon Volum 7 – 2016

- Innhold

Vitenskapelige artikler / Research papers


Faglige notater

B01 E. Kuznetsova, I. Hoff & S.W. Danielsen
PDF > FROST – Frost Protection of Roads and Railways

B09 M. Fladvad 
PDF > Utilization of unbound aggregates for road construction

B16 C.A.M. Silva  
PDF > Effective sampling and mineral characterization of nepheline syenite (InRec project – Workpackage 2)

Mineral Production Volume 8 – 2017

Special Edition
– Nordic Mine Surveying Meeting

- Content

Research papers

A01 E. Ludvigsen, S. Haugen & S. Ellefmo
PDF > Mineral Resource Management in Norway