Vitenskapelige artikler / Research papers

A01 I. Røisi & K. Aasly
PDF > The effect of graphite filler in sample preparation for automated mineralogy – a preliminary study

A25 H. Grobler
PDF > A holistic approach to South African Mineral Resource Management pedagogy in undergraduate education

Faglige notater

B01 K. Rieksts
PDF > Heat Transfer Mechanisms of Crushed Rock Aggregates

B02 S. Heiberg, K. Aslaksen Aasly, P. Blystad, K. Brinnen, C. Griffiths, T. Heldal, J. Hokka, E. Ingvald, K. Lax, H.Makkonen, H. Schiellerup, M.U. Simoni & H. Tulsidas
PDF > Beyond Classification – Managing Resources Sustainably